Lincoln Constituency Candidates General Election 2024

The Lincoln Independent invited all election candidates* to send a message they would like voters to remember when they use their votes on July 4.
*aware of at the time of publication

According to there are seven candidates for Lincoln and the current MP Karl McCartney is not currently among them. However, the official list is published on June 7 and we will update this page at this time.

Below are the candidates who replied to our invitation.

Hamish Falconer, Labour

I’m Hamish Falconer, and I'm asking for your vote in the upcoming General Election. Lincoln needs change and a fresh start. My priorities are the cost of living crisis, repairing the NHS locally, and bringing investment to our beautiful, high tech city which has so much to offer the country and the county.

I'm not a career politician: this is the first time I've stood for elected office. I previously worked in the British Foreign Office, including as the former head of the UK’s Terrorism Response Team, and I want to use that experience of public service to fight for the change Lincoln needs.

I live in the centre of the city and I'm committed to work every day for Lincoln, Bracebridge Heath, Waddington and Skellingthorpe.

A vote for Labour in Lincoln is a vote to repair our local NHS, get wages rising, build houses, and stop the unworkable Tory plans at Scampton. If you agree with my priorities please vote Labour on 4th July.


Sally Anne Horscroft, Green Party

Greens across the country are working to offer fair, green solutions.

With policies on fair tax, the living wage, transport, environment and health care, the need for powerful Green voices in parliament has never been greater in what is a now or never decade for global warming. Previous governments have failed to take meaningful action on climate change – only Greens can be trusted to fight for people and the planet.

When we say ‘fairer and greener’, we mean it.'

Jamie-Lee McMillian, ReformUK

ReformUK, it’s in our name, if it’s a problem for you, it is a problem for us and we are going to Reform it.

Our priorities are, first is to address the problems that have, monumentally affected the ability of Lincoln and the country to house its citizens, at a reasonable rate and cost.

We, perhaps like a lot of you have been left wanting, seeing the quality of character and intent of our politicians over the last four decades. Moat cleaning (expense claims), abandoning their post when the vote doesn’t go their way, selling our gold reserves (without a vote and announcing it publically so the market could be manipulated), voting for the policies that are in opposition to what they stood for, civil servants, instead of being (what they supposed to be an unbiased, non-political and effective) have instead been more involved in shaping policy than the very politicians we elect. All the while no accountability, no explanation and no more trust.

ReformUK is going to reduce the severe amount of wasted time that our country has been afflicted within the NHS.


07816 675011 or
07983 460640

29 Belle Vue Road,
Lincoln, LN1 1HH.